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Our lovely ponies at Digswell Place help disabled children and adults to enjoy the amazing therapeutic benefits of riding.  Our 14 wonderful ponies are patient, kind, and hard-working. Every day they help riders learn new skills, build self-confidence and experience the joy of connecting with a pony.

Each pony costs on average £4000 pa. Digswell Place relies on kind donations such as yours as we are entirely supported by the fundraising efforts of our team. This covers food, shoes, bedding, vets’ and dentists’ bills etc.

By making a regular donation you will help us manage everything the ponies need and help them to continue their very special work.

Your sponsorship pack will include:

  • Your welcome letter
  • A message from the pony
  • A photo of the pony
  • Your invitation to Sponsors Open Day
  • Your Sponsorship Certificate
  • A twice yearly newsletter

Make a big difference today by sponsoring your favourite pony

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Albert is a 25 year old Welsh Bay Gelding.

He is one of our longest serving horses, having been with us for over 20 years! He loves to sleep in and eat. He also loves a cuddle. He likes to go out on a hack but equally loves to have the day off. Alberts best friend is Darragh, they have lots in common and love each other’s company. He will never turn down any treat, but his absolutely favourite is a stud muffin. He is kind, gentle and an all round a wonderful chap. Albert has worked will all sorts of riders at Digswell, from being slow and steady for tiny tots, to taking competitive riders to nationals, he really has seen it all.


Amber is a 13 year old Norwegian Fjord Mare.

She loves to be groomed and have all of the attention on her. She always pokes her head around to check what’s going on. She adores treats and food in general, but her favourite treats have got to be carrots! Her and Freia are an inseparable pair in the field. She is always willing to please her rider and she always puts in the effort.  Most people who know Amber love her for her kind, gentle and warm personality. Amber has been with us for over 5 years and has become a real favourite with a variety of our riders, from supporting them at competitions with her steady nature, to helping people learn to steer. A real sweetheart who loves a cuddle! 


Baloo is one of our youngest ponies.

He joined us a baby 2 years ago, he is now 6 and is well into his RDA career. He’s a New Forest gelding who loves to eat carrots and stud muffins. His best friend is Freia, who he loves going on long hacks with through the local countryside. He loves to roll in the muddy field and get himself dirty. He is a very sweet, hardworking pony. A cheeky chap, who loves play fighting with his friends in the field. 


Betty is a 16 year old chunky black cob.

She has large fluffy feet, that she loves to get dirty in the winter time! She loves eating anything and everything but especially carrots and polos. Her best friend is Sadie, who she runs around with in the field, everyone likes to say they’re like an ‘old married couple!’ Her favourite things to do are gallop up hills, sleep in her stable, or sunbathe in the fields with the birds on her back. Overall she is a big cuddly bear who works hard and loves to have fun!


Darragh is a 16 year old 15hh highland gelding.

He’s a real sweetheart, who doesn’t move very fast… Darragh prefers a slower pace of life and happily plods along at the back of the ride. He’s one of the most steady rides you could get and always looks after his rider. Darragh loves to give kisses in the hope that it might get him a little snack, a polo would be his treat of choice. He loves rolling in muddy puddles, or getting caught up in brambles in the field, always in search of the tastiest grass to eat. Those who know Darragh know he would never hurt a fly and he likes to graze with his friend Albert in the field.


Dawn is very independent and knows her own mind!

She’s been with us for nearly 10 years, and is 15 years old A small pocket rocket! A chunky 13.2hh highland mare, she is a very versatile pony! She loves treats (although she’s not allowed too many), hugs and getting her own way. She enjoys going on hacks and you might find her having fun in the woods! Dawn loves racing Freia in pony games, and has quite a competitive streak! Dawn is a wonderful RDA pony, and gives our riders a huge amount of support.


Freckle is a strong minded chestnut hafflinger Mare.

Freckle is a bit of a princess, she likes what she likes! A stud muffin would never be turned down, nor would a good scratch! Freckle pretends to not like her herd, but you will usually find her sharing a pile of hay with her friend Freia, playing with Rosie, or grooming with Tiggy.  Freckle loves working hard! She would go all day if asked, her favourite thing to do is a long hack, or pole work in the arena. 


Freia is worth her weight in gold.

She has been with us for over 10 years. She is 17 years old and loves polos, stud muffins and carrots, she’s not one to discriminate! She is a Norwegian fjord mare, a sociable girl who gets along with everyone! Her favourite thing to do is to eat her morning hay while lounging in bed and then go for a long hack in the woods. Freia loves playing games in the arena, especially ‘what’s the time Mr Wolf?’


Ollie is a 12 year old grey Connemara gelding.

He absolutely loves being groomed and always wants a cuddle, it’s preferred if the cuddle comes with a treat or two. His best friend is Romeo, but he’d never admit it. You’ll always see Ollie asking for food. He’s informally known around the stables as Oliver Twist, always hoping for some more. Ollie loves plodding around the woods with a snack in his mouth, although he can step it up a gear for our more advanced riders when needed!  Ollie loves supporting our new riders and taking it nice and steady for them in the arena.  In the summer, Ollie has a beautiful Flea bitten coat, which looks like freckles all over his body.


Romeo is our resident cuddle bug.

He loves to be groomed and doted on. He’s a bit of a looker and boasts an impressive silver forelock. When not being given attention, he likes to explore the local countryside or head out to a competition now and then. He loves meeting our tea with a pony participants, always hopes for a compliment.


Rosie is one of our newer residents.

She’s settled in well over the past year and has just begun her RDA career. Rosie is a 7 year old Connemara mare, she’s chocolate dun. Rosie loves people and is always in the mist of the excitement! She loves a bath in the sunshine and cantering around the fields with her friends. Her favourite hacking partner is Tiggy, as they both love going for a good long trot!


Tiggy is a dun connemara mare.

She is 14 years old. She is very friendly and loves to jump and do gymkhana! Tiggy’s favourite treat is a polo or a banana, she’s also very partial to a parsnip or two! Tiggy is very sweet natured and is a favourite for our helpers to groom and get ready, (she loves a groom!) She doesn’t like being rushed, usually her breakfast lasts her until lunchtime but she’ll do anything for a pat and a ‘good girl.’