UPDATE! Thank you everyone who contributed to the Co Op Community fund. We received a massive £6678.51

Great news, once again our application for Co Op Community funding has been successful. If you’re a Co Op Member it’s really easy to support Digswell Place, all you need to do is select us as your chosen Charity. Here’s a link here to take you straight to our page- then simply sign in and select us.


Alternatively you can go through your CoOp Member sign in page; https://membership.coop.co.uk/sign-in and:

  • Find community Causes
  • You will be shown 3 charities closest to your postcode, if Digswell Place isn’t one of those 3 then
  • Go to “find other causes” & select distance from you (e.g.15 miles) and we’ll appear towards the end of the page
  • Click on our box to select us

It only takes a few minutes to select us and it’s such an easy way for us to raise funds I do hope you can help.

Many thanks