A holistic therapy for the disabled

Riding is a holistic therapy for any disability. When sitting on the walking horse, the pelvis is moved involuntarily in a way which mimics walking – a three dimensional movement. The rider’s upper body has to adjust to this in the same way as when really walking so all appropriate walking muscles are stimulated and exercised. The righting, accommodating and balancing instincts are stimulated and the rider’s neurological system practices walking. Muscles in the trunk are exercised and stimulated, head control and balance are improved. This is in addition to the physiological advantages of exercise in the open air such as improved circulation, kidney and bowel function, deeper breathing and improved bone density.

Psychologically, riders gain self confidence from overcoming fear and meeting challenges. They gain independence and are encouraged to take responsibility for the horse’s action as well as their own. Cause and effect is clearly and instantly illustrated. Vocabulary, spatial awareness and memory are all involved and practiced. Also riders meet, co-operate and socialise with the voluntary helpers. They feel involved with our stables on a personal level and we feel the same with them.

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Charity Number 1163233 (merged with 1074341)

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